REVIEW: G.B.F. (2013)

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Amongst the Mean Girls-esque humour and ever-quotable lines, G.B.F. contains a surprisingly and touching tale of self-discovery. Consistently funny and more than a little cringe-worthy what G.B.F. does is bring a new take on what it means to be a gay teen in a modern school environment.

When Tanner is outed as the school’s only openly gay student, three queen-bees engage in an epic fight to acquire him as their new, “Gay Best Friend,” and the latest ‘must-have accessory’ for any prom-queen-wannabe. Tanner finds himself in a position where he clings onto the, “cool kids,” to protect himself from the school homophobes. In the process he abandons his true and genuine friends.

The film features many familiar faces including Evanna Lynch (Luna from Harry Potter), Andrea Bowen (Julie from Desperate Housewives), Sasha Pieterse (Alison from Pretty Little Liars) and Natasha Lyonne (Nicky from Orange is the New Black).

The writing is witty and has just about walks the difficult line between humour and offence. An altogether serious issue fuels the storyline. The film examines the issues with gay teenagers today being objectified as “sexless accessories” for the popular and straight girls. It also addresses the assumption of stereotypes – that every gay man must be obsessed with theatre, low-carb diets and looking ‘fierce.’ Though there were some highly reficulous moments earlier on in the film – I quickly came to forgive the filmmakers after some highly and surprisingly moving closing scenes. At the end of the day, it’s great to watch on a night in with your friends. And after having watched G.B.F. three or four times over – you’ll still find yourself giggling so to speak. Simply put, “it is fabulous.”

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