Comic: Q is for Questioning

Q is for questioning

Words and concept by Radha Rai; art by Julia Hopkin


When I first discovered LGBT+ it was great! All these other people who think differently to everything else I see!

But when I started to learn about it, some things still didn’t add up.

(Wow, I can finally buy jeans with pockets guilt-free – wait, just because I want to wear men’s jumpers, that doesn’t make me a guy! Why are they always talking about sex all the time? Does bi mean 50:50?)

And even when new words were discovered…

(non-binary; demi-sexual)

A lot of people still never mentioned them so I didn’t really know if that counted…

…and if that meant I wasn’t LGBT+ after all.

I didn’t really know the difference between what I had been taught to believe, what I thought I felt and want I wanted to feel to fit in with the community.

I didn’t really feel ‘normal’… but I didn’t feel comfortable with any of the LGBT letters.

Didn’t some guy called Kinsey say it was a scale? What percentage did I have to be to qualify?

All in all, all this box-checking was frustrating.

So I chucked al the sticky labels in the bin…

…went to the local LGBT+ night…

(Hi! My name is…)

…and stopped caring about words for now.



One thought on “Comic: Q is for Questioning

  1. I tried that. All I got was “Are you a lesbian?”, “Are you a lesbian?”, “Are you are a lesbian?”, “Are you bisexual?”, “So, what are you?”. Me; “Why do you want to know?”. Answer; silence. Guesses; often interested in dating me if I was not straight, or not bi … Or not liking people who weren’t lesbian. On to – lots of discussion with various women about how it was impossible for me not to know if I was a lesbian or bi or not, or not to have a label.

    It was the early to mid 00s…

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