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4 lectures ago my lecturer asked me + Andrew + Kris why we were dressed as Ash Ketchum from Pokémon and as Goku from Dragon Ball Z and as what I can only describe as a hot-pink drag version of the girl from Lazy Town and I replied ‘FUN’.
He was surprised that it wasn’t for a society or event or day …except: today and: the event of having friends and: the society of this one.
He told us we would be immortalised in the lecture capture video and I smiled unsurprised really because fashion is already *eternal* in me because it *is* me and I am the universe and the universe goes on forever!! so there ha.
And everyone smiled and laughed at our exchange.
And someone took a picture of us after.

And lastly someone told me we had made their day. They say the best things in life are hard to do but that’s a lie I think because I made someone’s day and it was p easy 😛
I don’t know if I have a communication difficulty or a mental illness or ADD or OCD or autism or I got stuck at age 3 but!
what I do know is that: if I were to visit a thousand doctors I would qualify for *a thousand* diagnoses
and when they ask me in therapy how I show love I will say ‘fashion’ and when they ask me what I value dearly I will say ‘non-conformity’

Because style only talks to those who want to listen …and it’s not silent, but it speaks without ever interrupting.

Fashion creates an image but that image is projected like a map of stars on a naked body
and when someone chooses to use their naked body as clothing, many people giggle and find it simply delightful.

And when I chuckle and find happiness I find garments that can rest over my skin and soak up my experiences as if they are the world’s living memories.

Patterns of fabric like maths in our minds as we visualise.

Then maybe when we pass and recycle our articles around for sharing and hand-me-downs we will all absorb a little bit of each other slowly through the pores and matrix.

And human eyes can only see visible light from about 400nm to 700nm wavelength in the supermassive spectrum of electromagnetic waves.
Yet human eyes can try to pick out infinite gradations from 400.1 to 400.01 to 400.001 to 400.0001 …
And every human eye has fibres within them that diffract light uniquely when you squint.
And for every ten squinting pairs of eyes as I walk down the streets I see a pair of wide hopeful eyes.

So I really hope everyone knows it’s great to dress in as much vitality and expression as they want to because no one has to look a certain way and everyone is allowed to be creative and have fun.

Feel happy within your look – curious – experiment without fear.

And even I get a little bit scared because I get yelled at suggestively in the streets and pushed and beaten up and chased and shouted at with horrible words.
But I pick myself up every time after. And once I have calmed down I always remember that if someone wants to attack me just for wearing pink or lipstick or a dress then it’s still important to wear what I want for those who can’t.

And yes that has happened to me over and over and I couldn’t count by now but to be honest even though I know it will happen again it’s worth it and I would rather random people got angry at me and vented it out rather than just keeping it pent up forever or doing it to someone they know or someone who won’t speak back + I’ve never had to go to hospital yet or been killed so it’s okay really.

Also I think bruises and blood look kinda cool and I work them into a cybergothic pastel zombie look so there ha.

Daydreaming is free… and if we have no money we’ll scavenge in rubbish tips, sidewalks, forgotten drawers, Mum’s unwanted make up bag … of course you can try that combo … noooooooooo it’s not just for girls noooooo … i think this would look great on you would you like it ? Keep it, you look fantastic!

You are my best friend.

Ohhhh he dresses very plain but at the same time it’s so HIM..! Adorable :3 … she dresses trashy and we all collectively marvel … i am always wondering what next…

Happy birthday! Now when you wear this present you can think of me 🙂  first piercing ?.. tattoo ?.. hair colour ?.. wowzers I can never guess correctly … bro level = 9001% when you go to get manicures together and swap nail polish

I think we will look back on photos from this era and concede ‘we looked cool’… no regrets! no fomo!

This was my Dad’s … didn’t you wear this to a rock show once? that’s why it’s trashed 😛 … it looks comfy, we should snuggle if you like ^_^ … yesssss be different, why not 😀 … there’s nothing wrong with YOU

I want to be friends with that person.


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